Team Probst

Had the good fortune of taking this super cute family's pictures when we visited them...
I really love these guys.

I should note that I do have one of the little miss smiling w/ her Mama,
but this one is just so darn funny.

Had to throw a few of Swiss and my little photo shoot...
She had these super cute new boots and we decided to snap some pictures.


  1. seriously love! what a good looking family. good job reg! take ours next in about um 7 months :)

  2. I love them all. I am dying, the one of Emery and I is so cute, if i dare say so myself :) I love that you put up a true portrait of miss jade! hilarious, and cute at the same time! the last one i have some dirt on my face or something but you still manage to make me look good! Your the best Regan. There is nothing better then family pics. Thanks again for working with such a bunch of characters as us :)