Occupying my mind.

So here I am.

I've been crawling my way through this last year,
while attempting very few things...

raising happy healthy children

being aware to always let Joel know how much I adore, appreciate and love him

and trying not to be in constant fear of my next kidney/gall bladder episode.

I've decided to live in fear no longer,
and start enjoying all things again.

I'm going to cook more
try new activities
be a better friend and neighbor
finish my ba-ga-zillion refinishing projects and craft projects
and find beauty in all kinds of things.

What better way to motivate myself than to document and share.

So here's what's currently on my mind...

Stripes... stripes and more stripes...
I love stripes on me, on my kids, on my husband, and pretty much any where else.

I love/hate Burberry
I can't help but look, because I love them.
But I can't help but hate them, because the little girl's dress above is $260.
Jocelyn says it perfectly... "it puts me in a bad mood".

We're going to try this for dinner this week.
I love walking into Williams - Sonoma in the fall... it smells so fallish.
It will be interesting to try.
I don't love pumpkin (the man of the house LOVES it), but I do love pasta.

I want to make a circle blanket soooo badly.
I first saw them on Whitney's blog
and fell in love instantly.
She and her Mom make them for her little boys for each season...
seriously... they do.
After being inspired,
I hinted at a sewing machine for months (I had friends hint too),
when one happily showed up for Mother's day.
Now... I just have to figure out how to thread the thing and go from there.

I've owned this lipstick for awhile...
but I'm just now really starting to appreciate and love it.

Love sequins...
and it's everywhere right now.

I feel like it's my eternal conquest to find the perfect pomodoro sauce.
I've got a quick go-to one that Maggie loves,
which I will post some time,
but I want one that simmers all day and tastes divine with the perfect hint of basil.

I've always loved the military look
and this year (since I've lost my very favorite winter coat)
I may just have to make a new investment.