Christmas Movie Lovin'

We love ourselves some Christmas movies around here...
and Disney's short films are hands down our favourite.

My all time favourite doesn't happen to be available on a christmas DVD,
but you can find it in Walt Disney's Treasure Donald Volume 2 or just watch it on Youtube.
It kills me ev.er.y.time Donald comes racing down the hill again to destroy the boys snowman,
only to sadly discover they'd hid a giant rock behind their creation.
I love that he loses every stitch of hair on his fur coat from the wallop.


Easy Peasy...

Yet another thing I'd seen quite some time ago and thought "maybe I'll make that"...
months went by...
and then I got to thinking that I needed a new Christmas wreath.
One without little berries that will freeze and fracture.
This seemed like the perfect option.
It's super easy and super cheap
(like maybe $7 total (but obviously that's if you use synthetic felt))

It will certainly do in a pinch...


Are you kidding me?

How had I never heard of this show before?
Apparently this is the second season?
Doesn't matter...
now I have... and...
I love it...
love love love.
Amazing Talent.


My Handy Man.

So I'd seen a tutorial a while ago on how to make these shelves
and just kind of stored it in the back of my brain.
Once we began pulling out Christmas,
I knew it was the perfect time to tackle the "shelf project".

I got the tutorial from here on a super cute blog called House of Smiths.

This project started out as a team effort but soon became Joel's perfection obsession...
story of my life... but I'm not complaining.

The finished product...

Love them... and love the man that made them...