The Bed.

In 8 1/2 years of marriage...
Joel and I have never had a headboard or footboard.
There's no question that the thought
"We'll get real furniture when we own a home"
has played a huge factor.

It's just taking a while.

and I think we still feel that way...
but it was time to do something.

we bought an old solid wood headboard and footboard on craigslist for pennies.
Sanded it down,
and gave it a fresh coat of pale blue paint.
(when I say we... I mostly mean Joel)

I bought some pretty cheap bedding from Target and gave it my own little twist.
(I glued fabric button covers to all the buttons on the bedding)

We've had the same nightstands for probably six years from Ikea...
Since I still don't want to buy furniture for a room we don't own,
I just changed out the knobs.

I got these knobs from Anthropologie.

here's the result.
Does it make me happy and encourage bedtime?
Yes siree.

I still have to hang all my copper frames and such,
but maybe when it's all done I'll give the whole room a shout out.


A Good Deal...

... I love one.

I've had my eye on these towels for awhile now.
But since they were for my "most frequented" bathroom,
I didn't appreciate the price considering how quickly they could deteriorate.

The other day while rummaging around in World Market,
I came across these towels...

Um hello...
no brainer...
Now people can wash and dry their hands at their pleasure without a sign that says
"Please lightly tap front and back of hand on towel, Sincerely... your Cheapskate hostess".

Puts a smile on my face.


I'll take the "half the price (and change)" ones thank-you.


It's been awhile...

... but this was unavoidable.

What is going on here?
She's breaking... I mean... "B"-reaking my heart...

Is this even the same person?

and who wore this perfection on Oprah last year?

Somehow there's been some de-railing...
let's get this train back on the tracks.