Halloween is up and running around here.
We picked out pumpkins yesterday/
played ghoulish music/
decorated the house/
and the kids wore new festive jammies to bed.
I ho hummed about how to decorate the shelf this year
when I came across an image with a mantle covered in pumpkins.
It was definitely more refined than I wanted (I have pipsqueaks around)
but it gave me a great starting point.

Me and my partner in crime (Miss Mags)
wandered over to the nearest thrift store for inspiration.

I started collecting single and coupled candlestick holders.
(watching Mags mimic me by leaning back, squinting, and putting her finger to her lips was priceless)
I decided we'd just spray paint them all to match and those could hold little pumpkins.
I washed all the candlesticks, and let them completely dry.
I first used a primer spray paint and then a flat indoor/outdoor spray paint.
Super easy.

My partner worked on her letters while I spray painted.

I decided to throw some candles in there too.
And the cute print came from here thanks to Whitney's spry eye.

The other nice thing...
the shelf will be an easy transition from Halloween to Thanksgiving.

Here's some of our other decorations for the holiday
I seriously bought these Halloween silhouettes 5 years ago.
We were poor and I wanted decorations,
so I went to my local craft store...
bought them at 25 cents a piece...
painted them black...
and they've kind of grown on me over the years.
Just an easy/cute/cheap solution.

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  1. This is insane. It's perfect. Good golly woman, you are out of control... in the best way possible :)